Bob Franken

Whoever Sausage a Mess?


Can we agree that one of the most tiresome cliches is this one, which
has been overused ever since it was uttered by Count Von Bismark in the
18 hundreds “To retain respect for sausages and laws, one must not
watch them in the making.” The question a couple centuries later, is
what “respect”?

As we are witnessing with the health care grind, the government process
riddled with special interest contamination that is deadly to any
meaningful reform.

As the already infected members of congress scatter and spread this
organism throughout the body politic, efforts to restore it to health
are stymied by the sheer complexity of it. To say nothing of its

We are being told that it is too far reaching, too expensive. Then
comes the next sound bite from someone who says that it doesn’t go far

What are we to make of the conflicting claims that we need to maintain
an insurance company based approach versus the arguments that those
greedy insurance companies need competition from a government run plan.

For those few among us who actually want to read and digest the
legislation, the question is WHICH legislation? Are we talking about
the mish-mash that came out of the House Energy and Commerce committee,
or Senate Health and Labor? Or should we focus on Senate Finance, where
the bill is still a work-in-progress?

Or should we just throw up our hands and wait till everyone gets really
serious in the fall, when they cobble something together and, in
effect, try and cram the health care reform sausage down everyone’s

When, not if, that happens, we should be very wary about the final
product. If we’re not careful, we’ll end up with something so watered
down it will be useless, no better than what we have now.

It’s entirely possible we will need to update Bismark’s wisdom to something like “Health Care reform, Like Sausage, Can be Hazardous to Your Health”

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