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Note that we have not heard from Iran, China, Russia, North Korea or even ISIS. This would be an opportune time for one of these enemies of the United States to launch an attack or do lesser malicious mischief. The U.S. is in a weakened condition with a deranged president who could do such calamitous damage in his remaining days.
Why hasn’t some adversary taken advantage of the fact that Donald Trump is imploding? Is it because he IS imploding? Is it because in Tehran’s case, for instance, noodging the United States of America is no longer such a cheap thrill because the “great Satan” is not so great anymore? Read the tweet from Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei (who, by the way, has not been banned from Twitter):
“Have you seen the situation in the U.S.? This is their democracy and this is their election fiasco. Today, the U.S. & ‘American values’ are ridiculed even by their friends.”
No, the biggest danger to us these days, as we segue from the disastrous Donald Trump administration to Joe Biden’s, is not foreign but domestic. And America is quivering in fear.
Washington, the center of power in this nation that likes to present itself as “exceptional,” is exceptionally locked down. It’s impossible for residents to get around right now, because thousands of soldiers and police officers are blocking off all access, not only because of threats to D.C., but expanding across this nation of ours. The violent threats of war come from homegrown terrorists, not those from far away.
What is usually a celebration of the peaceful transition of power is anything but now. It’s easy to blame the presidency of Donald Trump, and hopefully he will get the justice he deserves.

Meanwhile, law enforcement is casting a big dragnet for those responsible for the Jan. 6 invasion of the Capitol building. They could number in the hundreds, those who could easily be charged with murder because people died during their illegal rampage. And what about the members of Congress? What about the accusation made by Democrat Rep. Mikie Sherrill that a few Republican representatives were showing their constituents around the day before the constituents became marauders defiling the hallways of Congress?
And what about those senators, particularly Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, who were obviously motivated by dangerous burning ambition? Furthermore, what about the multitudes of GOP House members who succumbed to their worst instincts and ignored sanity to support Trump’s baseless claims that he had been defrauded and followed him right over the cliff?
For that matter, what about their voters back home, who elected them not despite, but because of their fascist views, and in spite of the fact that they were conspiratorial, bigoted nutcases?
Pity Joe Biden. There’s a show business adage that you never follow a good act. Donald Trump was a good act and a bad act. From an entertainment point of view, he was boffo. He keeps us entertained every single day with his sick humor. Blame those of us in the media for having an insatiable appetite for his sewage schtick. And, frankly, we aren’t about to do better.
Joe Biden will have to compete by doing all the recovery. Cleaning up the rubble is pretty boring, particularly because the continuing exploits of the Trumpster will be outlandish enough to overcome the same-old-same-old story of undoing his mess.
Meanwhile, no matter how many perpetrators — from those on high to the low level low-lifes — you punish, there will be others to vent their fury at efforts to restore order. For instance, the minimal, commonsense approaches to controlling the pandemic slam into a misplaced sense of freedom.
That’s why we haven’t been bothered by our rambunctious enemies. Why bother? An early sign of President Biden’s success might be when they start messing with us again.

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