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October 18, 2007
Turkey Turkeys (Bob Franken)
@ 10:44 am

I covered Congress during many of the GOP majority years, but finally couldn’t take it anymore. It was nothing more than a Greek chorus, and if I wanted background singers I preferred the Raylettes.

But now, with the opposition party in charge, instead of a Greek chorus we get a Turkish one — an anti-Turkish one, really. Right now the Democrats are doing what they seem to do best: They’re self-destructing.

They have decided that now is the time to resolve the argument about whether the massacre of Armenians in the World War I era should be officially declared “genocide.”

It was, of course, but by forcing the issue right now, Congress is antagonizing Turkey at a time when that country is vital to what stability there is in Iraq, as well as to the logistics that supply the U.S. adventure there.

As for the political battles, they play right into the hands of the president. When he and his fellow Republicans argue that Congress should let the commander in chief command, all they have to do is gently bring up this policy crisis developing along the border with Kurdish Iraq, and suggest, oh so sweetly, that the flames are being fanned by those meddlers on Capitol Hill.

Meanwhile, the administration and its GOP guerrillas in Congress continue to sabotage nearly all Democratic efforts to re-assert power.

Which begs the question as we face the next election: Does it really matter whether Democrats or Republicans win? Even if the Democrats are in charge of both the legislative and executive branches, somehow they will find a way to saw off their own branches.

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