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August 15, 2007
Toying With Child Safety (Bob Franken)
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First of all, give me some credit. I haven’t written about Karl Rove. That’s because I had nothing unique to say about him. Not that that stopped damn near everyone else from weighing in. In recent days this successful practitioner of demagoguery has been elevated to the status of political prophet.

No, I would like to write about that other kind of profit, the kind that has motivated so many companies to dump their workers and head for cheaper labor elsewhere. The abandoned plants and communities stand as lasting memorials to corporate greed.

Now, however, the chickens are coming home to roost. The most recent example involves toy chickens or whatever Mattel manufactures in China while it pretends to be an American company.

Millions of Mattel’s Chinese toys are being recalled. Again. Even Barbie is a painted woman. Unfortunately, that paint is leaded.

Once again we learn that those overseas producers of U.S. brands, particularly China, are so appealingly low-cost in part because they take real shortcuts when it comes to trivialities like health and safety.

This time they got caught; actually, they’ve been caught a few times lately. For now, the media are paying some attention. That will last until the next Paris Hilton escapade.

Meanwhile, while we are focused on this, let’s not overlook the questions about outsourcing such big chunks of our economy.

The Third World countries have taken our jobs, and now they’re endangering our children. Their accomplices are the profit-crazed captains of U.S. industry. Or what’s left of it.

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