Bob Franken

T’Is the Days After Christmas

T’is the days after Christmas and all through the nation,
Too many still face unemployed desperation.

The contrived cheer of yuletide, it could not make thing rosier,
In the home of the family that’s facing foreclosure.

After gifts and a meal that they got from some charity,
Grim fears of the future rushed back with new clarity.

We must not allow this season’s disguise,
To cover shamed bleakness in so many’s lives.

“Seasons greetings”, whatever, can be hard to swallow
For those millions whose prospects are nothing but hollow.

Although holiday lights actually dim our awareness,
Don’t let them obscure our fundamental unfairness.

While fat cats get bonuses and get even fatter,
Millions left by the wayside deal with pride that’s been shattered.

It’s time we insist as we head to next year,
To overcome hopelessness, overcome fear.

To require that the ones who got rich from their greed,
Give up part of their wealth spread it ’round where there’s need.

To get behind policies that give all a fair share
So the hopes for their destinies replace the despair.

Let’s make this a time when we all realize,
That our holidays’ promises can’t be empty lies.

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