Bob Franken

The Starving American Spirit

We are supposed to be the land of prosperity but now a new Department of Agriculture study finds that 25 per cent of our children can’t count on getting enough to eat. ONE IN FOUR faces the possibility every night of going to bed hungry!

President Obama released a statement calling it “Unsettling”. “Unsettling?!!” It’s disgraceful. That’s what it is. Unacceptable.

Prosperity for whom? Fewer and fewer of us are hoarding all the wealth and refusing to share it. “Them that Gots, gets…”, as the song goes. And they make sure of that by hiding behind laws they manipulate so they can cheat anyway or anyone they want.

They use the sheer power of their riches to wall themselves off from their responsibility to a society that allows them to engorge themselves, while the parents of one in four children outside their gated communities struggles to find a few morsels, a few crumbs.

The Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack calls this latest report “A Wake up call”. No kidding Sherlock. What a surprise!!

Our economy came crashing around us thanks to the deceptions of a greedy few and so far the only turnaround we’ve seen seems to benefit those whose caused the system to come tumbling down in the first place. The spiraling unemployment rate wasn’t enough of a “Wake up call”?

Has is become a fiction that we are a land where we try and make sure that everyone has a right to the basics like food, along with decent shelter, education, and oh yeah, health care?

What about our politicians? Is it politically correct for our officials to allow a few major contributors to create an ” Every man (or woman) for himself (or herself)” society? Is it politically INcorrect to re-create a tax structure that spreads things around just a tiny bit and laws regulations that controls at least the most egregious thievery and blatant consumer fraud?

By “Wake up Call” does the man mean that we have awakened to find that the “American Dream” has been replaced by a harsh nightmare where our precious young ones are cast aside by those who ignore them while they rake in what’s left of our nation’s shrinking resources and opportunity. Is fundamental fairness now an “American Myth”?

We have always been proud to be a proud nation, where we could claim that anyone had the chance to thrive. Forget about thriving. As this latest report documents still again, the truth is that for many life in the United States of America has become a struggle to survive. That is nothing less than a national shame.

Those of us who claim to love our country need to do what it takes to recover it. For everybody.

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