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President Donald Trump and his accomplices are really busy deflecting all the damning charges against them by using every misleading tactic available. They are putting the “con” in “Constitution.” When he doesn’t flat-out lie, his lawyers are utilizing that time-dishonored tactic of obfuscation, muddying up the clear meaning of the nation’s fundamental user guide.
It’s all meant to cause everyone’s eyes to glaze over by putting forward bogus arguments for why they don’t comply with the rules as they were written back in 1787. The House, unambiguously, is given the sole power to impeach. Still, you have the White House counsel, under order from his boss Trump, writing that neither Trump nor his underlings will cooperate because the House of Representatives is conducting an “unconstitutional” investigation. It’s totally contrived, but they’re counting on the probability that those who have not taken a Con Law course will get bored really quickly with a process argument. That includes the vast majority of Americans and certainly the members of his base.
But there are some cracks in the crackpot wall they’ve constructed. Some of those who report to the Don Trump or his other capos — in this case, his Secretary of State — have defied the orders from on high. Notably, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, who was recalled and basically fired as ambassador by Trump. All because she wouldn’t play ball with his shenanigans aimed at discrediting Joe Biden. Also Gordon Sondland, Trump’s buddy and ambassador to the European Union.
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Yovanovich carefully described to House investigators the allegedly corrupt maneuverings of a group led by Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani, as ex-mayor of New York, still likes to be referred to as “hizzoner,” but he has dishonored himself by his run in the private sector, often representing shady characters, among the latest of whom is Donald Trump. On Trump’s behalf, Giuliani has entangled himself in the maneuverings designed to get the Ukrainian government deawn into a plot to discredi Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.
Soliciting foreign involvement in a U.S. election is a crime, and in fact it’s at the heart of the impeachment investigation. Giuliani, unlike his client, can’t be impeached. But he could be disbarred for illegal wrongdoing or even sent to prison.
What could happen to those staunch defenders of President Trump if the barriers that they’ve erected to protect him crumble? What if so much corruption is revealed by the House investigation that his powers of political intimidation over them would dwindle? The polling of late, even Fox News polling, indicates an emerging trend that slightly more Republicans than before have reconsidered their support for him and now favor the impeachment inquiry and even removal. If that GOP trickle becomes a wave, look for his defenders in the party, who live in fear of Trump at the moment, to drop him like a stone.
That could explain why Trump is holding so many rallies, even spicing up his language; at one point attacking Joe Biden as someone who “understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s a**.”
Let’s face it — Donald Trump does have a way with words. Meanwhile, his less colorful enablers employ the verbal smokescreen they believe can obscure the accusations against him and maintain their ability to avoid accountability for their role in the subterfuge.

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