Bob Franken

The Pot Potential

Let’s get this straight. Some of those who oppose relaxing marijuana laws complain that it will mean even more dollars will flow to the drug cartels in Mexico. In other words, it’s like oil, where we are also beholden to foreign countries to meet our demands.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In the very same way that we try to create “Energy Independence”, searching out home-grown sources of power, we can do the same thing with pot—call it “Lethargy Independence”.

This is America people!! Surely we can focus on our innovative spirit to come up with ways to solve both problems.

For example: Let’s make it a patriotic duty for citizens to grow their own. At the same time, let’s provide incentives to farmers to do so commercially. What the hell: We subsidize everything else they do, why not this. We can even buy and sell marijuana futures in the commodities markets.

I call this proposal the “Big Bong Theory” The beauty of it is that these plants would have so much potential. Besides the, uh, medicinal uses for the marijuana, the stalks and other of the weed’s weeds could probably be converted into a bio fuel. Just think cars could drive without emitting any hydrocarbons, although anyone standing nearby might have to worry about a contact high and getting the munchies.

Still, it’s time to expand our minds and look at this issue in a different way. The stone cold truth is this would be useful in combating pollution and global warming. Imagine the marketing campaign. The perfect slogan would be “The Grass is Always Greener”.

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