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The Fed Up’s BIO: “Bring It On!!”

OK incumbents, all you defenders of the status quo: as the angry political earthquake shakes your terra unfirma, you can quake behind the gates of your communities or you can step out and boldly go where some have only dared to go, with the challenge to BRING IT ON!!!

*Forget the lack of Protestants on the Supreme Court. Isn’t in time the President nominated someone who is an active Atheist? BRING IT ON!!

*And speaking of Presidential choices, shouldn’t he select as Defense Secretary an openly gay person…a lesbian at that? BRING IT ON!!!

*Shouldn’t the chief finance and human services officials at the top levels of our government include only those who would install a social “safety net” in the United States modeled after the one in Greece? BRING IT ON!!

*On Immigration policy: Yes, the nativists are restless. But instead of sealing our borders, throw them wide open. Or eliminate them. Wasn’t that the purpose of NAFTA? Let’s BRING IT ON!!

Outlandish? Well here’s one that is really over the top:

*How about government regulatory agencies that actually regulate their industries, instead of meekly following the dictates of say the auto manufacturers, oil drillers, money speculators. True, breaking such core sweetheart deals seems preposterous but what the hell: BRING IT ON!!!

It’s probably true that the last one is impossible, but maybe before we tackle that one, we should go for some of the others, the relatively low hanging fruit as we think outside the box. In fact, here’s another BIO:

*Let’s make it illegal to use expressions like “low hanging fruit” and “think outside the box”. And while we’re at it, let’s include “Breaking News” and “Team Coverage”. BRING IT ON!!

*And now that our ranting is rattling around the corporate world, how about some legislation that mandates executive compensation will be set not just by Boards of Directors and stockholders, but by employees, including the laid off ones? BRING IT ON!!

Obviously, the BIO could go on and on, except some very mean editors would slash and burn. So let’s close this first chapter with a promise there will be a second one when the spirit moves. If you have a favorite idea, BRING IT ON!!.

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