Bob Franken

The Dancers and the Jesters

June 8, 2007
The Dancers and the Jesters (Bob Franken)
@ 11:09 am

First of all: I don’t know why everyone is so excited. Joe Scarborough wasn’t wising off about pole dancing on his program. He’s a politician — a recovering congressman. Joe was talking about POLL dancing. All the candidates do it.

Speaking of Fred Thompson: He’s not the only one playing on the sidelines. Let’s not forget Newt Gingrich, who is hanging back, polishing his lecture about the book he’s reading this year.

Nor should we overlook Al Gore, Mr. Charisma, and his lectures about the book he’s written. Now Gore is advocating global cooling — reason in public debate, which, when you think about it, is totally unreasonable. Right now, he’s on his “I’m no running but please keep asking me” tour.

Oh, the latest on Scooter Libby: There is NO truth to the rumor that President Bush has been singing “From the Rose Garden, I didn’t promise you a pardon.” What a dilemma! And not just for the president. What if the judge decides Libby must start serving his sentence? Should the Bureau of Prisons send him to Guantanamo Bay? Or to an “Undisclosed Location,” so he can be in more familiar surroundings?

Some will remember the comedian Mort Sahl, who would end his routine by saying, “Is there anyone I haven’t insulted yet?” Well, if there is, please forgive the oversight.

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