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The (Almost) Final Four

February 26, 2008
The (Almost) Final Four (Bob Franken)
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President Bush got it wrong. In the final analysis he’s not “The Decider” — we are. It’s as good a time as any to review the remaining selection of significant presidential candidates. As Fox News might put it, “You Decide, You Support.” Sooner or later we will need to draw some conclusions about the finalist candidates.

Is he the knight in shining armor who will lead the turaround from our nation’s decline to new heights, or is he just another empty suit who puts on a good act?

Is she exactly the kind of methodical, experienced realist who knows what’s doable and how to get it done, or is she a calculating, arrogant figure who will try and cram her tired approaches to government down everyone’s throats?

Is he the one whose past heroism has given him the steely resolve to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of a national recovery, or is he a nasty hypocrite who is beholden to the same special-interest ,manipulation he pretends to decry?

Is he really that jovial, compassionate man who is uniquely in touch with the lives of Americans, or is he a smiling ultra-conservative who would impose a harsh social agenda if he was in power as either president or vice president?

I’m confused. Each of those still standing has obvious appeal, but each is what could be called a “Yes But” candidate, particularly since we have months to go. That is plenty of time to find out a lot more about them to like or not to like.

Even now, it’s hard to understand what causes anyone to be passionate about many of them. It’s easy to be wary of all of them. And, might I add, wise.

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