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Why do some people refuse to protect themselves from the ravages of Covid by spurning the readily available vaccines that have proven so safe and effective? More importantly, for those who are so bent on individual self-harm, why resist furthering all of America’s herd immunity against the deadly coronavirus that caused such misery in our society?
The only justifiable reason might be skepticism. Largely, what divides us is based on the raw deal most of us riffraff have gotten from the “experts” and other elites who take care of themselves first. That would include the pharmaceutical mega-companies and the do-anything-for-a-buck politicians, which are their easiest enablers. This disgust is exploited by demagogues like Donald Trump.
But sometimes, the experts are not running a scam. Sometimes, like Anthony Fauci, they know what they’re talking about or quickly learn from the bitter experience of confronting something new, like the coronavirus. In fact, when Trump came up with his one contribution to fighting the pandemic — the development of vaccines at “Warp Speed” — it was Fauci and the other experts who made sure he and the program didn’t use its warp speed to run off the rails like most of what Trump said and did.
Once the nation came to its senses and elected Joe Biden, aka “anybody but Trump,” and our various institutions overcame Don Trump’s “Big Lie” — that he had really won the presidential election — Biden and his crew reeled in the chaos and started directing the vials into our arms. Lickety-split, the inoculations began doing their magic.

By July 4, about two-thirds of the U.S. population will have gotten jabbed at least one time. But that’s not the 70% stated goal of Biden, who has usually made underpromising part of his pandemic schtick. And the media will spend too much time analyzing how come. C’mon, it’s not that big a deal, really not as big a story as Britney Spears trying to convince a court she’s not bat-spit crazy. Now that’s important.
Getting back to returning life to “normal,” what about the other 30%? Particularly when they’re being confronted with evidence that we may have a mini-surge of the deadly disease among those who have not been vaccinated, and that therefore it remains a threat.
To no one’s real surprise, the regions of the country with the lowest inoculation rates include the regions with the highest Trump vote. That takes the equation from skepticism to spite, because there is no way some of them will support anything that Joe Biden wants. After all, they believe Trump’s claim that Biden stole the election from him. Consider the Trumpettes, the quivering Republican members of Congress, who are now describing the Jan. 6 murderous insurrectionists who trashed the Capitol building as just a bunch of tourists.
And then there are the anti-vaxxers, the ones who are committed to opposing vaccinations, so easily swayed by misinformation from those who have made mucho money with their anti-everything sting. By the way, these perps can be reached at www.grift.con.
Some facts: Smallpox has been eradicated by a vaccine; polio almost has been. In the United States alone, the immunity from all vaccines saves an estimated 33,000 children’s lives a year and spares 14 million kids annually from infection.
There are 330 million people in the Divided States of America. In the case of the anti-coronavirus vaccines effort, it started with older Americans and worked its way down. If younger people suspended disbelief and got their jabs, they could turn to our other squabbles.
But no issue is more life and death than doing your part to put this deadly plague behind us. We are victims of our remarkable success. The truth is many of the vaccine-hesitant want everyone else to do the job. They are really vax-lax.

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