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Reefer Badness

December 14, 2007
Reefer Badness (Bob Franken)
@ 11:50 am

Has anybody asked if Hillary ever snorted cocaine? Did she ever smoke marijuana? Did she inhale? I’m asking.

Speaking of drugs in the news, have any of the candidates used steroids? After watching their sleepy debates the last couple of days, I think maybe they should. They could definitely use some performance enhancing. The moderator definitely should.

Isn’t there some middle ground between dull politics and crass? Which gets me back to why I’m asking the drugs and Hillary questions. If anyone believes for one moment that the comments about Obama’s drug use came out of the blue and were not dirty dealing by the Hillary campaign, and if anyone believes that her apology was sincere, then maybe we should expand the list of those asked about drug use.

This whole cocaine dust-up is almost identical to Mike Huckabee raising questions about Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith believing Satan and Jesus are brothers. You raise the red flag, then you apologize, but the damaging questions linger on. Is it something about Arkansas politics? Sadly this kind of sleazeball stunt is not unique to the state. It has become a normal part of the crude routine. We know it by several names: “Dirty Tricks,” “Swift Boating,” “Push Polling.” There are several variations, but they all are similar to what was called, a generation ago, “The Big Lie” technique.

How can I say this? CUT THE CRAP, everyone. That should do it. Right now, one can be forgiven for thinking that lookng for solutions to our society’s ills from the politicians is a waste of time. They’re the problem.

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