Bob Franken

What the two governors didn’t expect was that she would fight back. She used the one weapon any carelessly ambitious politician fears the most: bad publicity. She called a buddy at the Dallas Morning News and dictated a scathing complaint about her treatment, and when other news organizations picked it up, Messrs. Cuomo and Christie performed backward tap dances that would have made Mitt Romney proud.
Ms. Hickox is long gone from Newark, leaving two embarrassed politicians in her wake — one, Cuomo, running for re-election; the other, Christie, planning a presidential run if he can just get past the recurring impression that he’s a nasty man who is a stranger to finesse.
Now that she’s done her number on those two, Hickox is taking on the governor back home in Maine, Paul LePage. LePage, who also is fighting for re-election, is demanding that she stick with quarantine. She’s telling him to stick it.
She has no symptoms, and let’s remember, Ebola is a minuscule threat here. What is a huge threat is the lack of trust that most of us feel these days toward all our institutions. It’s certainly not misplaced, but it is terribly corrosive, leaving us fair game to the exploitive cheap-shot artists in politics and, might I say, news organizations.
Whenever any crisis or controversy hits, we toss context and common sense out the window. Facts are not checked, extremist nonsense is not filtered, and instead of informing, we misinform. And I’m talking about the so-called mainstream media. Add to that all the ignorance that inflames the Internet and we end up at the mercy of opportunistic blowhard know-nothings.
Anyone who takes a deliberate approach is consumed by the flames of irrationality, leaving a barren landscape for reason and fertile ground for connivers. To be honest, it works. Cheap shots usually pay off, certainly for those who slither in and around politics.
Of course, the country is going to hell in a handbasket. Nobody knows who to believe anymore. Actually, I take that back; almost everybody has decided to believe in nobody. And why should they draw any other conclusion? Here’s why: If we don’t get a grip, if our leaders don’t live up to the trust we’ve given them, we’re over. Our sickness will get worse and worse until the nation collapses.

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