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August 2, 2007
Political Sex (Bob Franken)
@ 10:40 am

For the longest time I thought that misogynists were people who gave rubdowns. But now that I’ve got me an education, I know what they really are and where to find them: stomping around the world of politics.

Why else, in this day and age, would it be acceptable to refer to Jeri Thompson as Fred’s “trophy wife”? I mean, is Bill Clinton often called Hillary’s trophy HUSBAND? I don’t think so.

And how else can we explain all the attention that was paid to the neckline of the senator from New York (I’m not talking about Chuck Schumer, although I have no doubt he’d show his cleavage if it would get him on TV)?

True, true. The article about Hillary’s fashion choice was written by a female, but when she did, wittingly or not, she became one of the guys. Call her a MISTER-sogynist.

There has been a huge amount of attention paid to Senator Clinton’s role as the first woman to have an honest-to-God serious chance of actually winning the presidency, and lots of news coverage about the distaff side of the staff over in “Hillaryland.” And rightfully so. But some of it has a “League of Their Own” ring to it.

We should be long past that. Frankly, when we hear discussions about cleavage, trophy wives and pole-dancing (yes, even POLE-DANCING!!), it’s clear we are not. We have a long way to go to get past the stereotypes that cause us to define female politicians as “women in a man’s game.” Considering how badly the game has been played, it’s time to give them a truly full role, free of the juvenile silliness that holds them back, holds all of us back.

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