Bob Franken

Palin”s Payback Fashion

For those of us who agree that the attention paid to the attire of women politicians is a subtle form of sexism let’s focus instead on what John McCain was wearing when Sarah Palin appeared with him in Tucson.

His blue blazer and light shirt were the perfect complement to his ruddy complexion…the man is VERY white. The coat reflected the kind of conservatism he likes to convey…sensible.

But not too sensible. There’s that “Maverick” pose he likes to assume when it serves his purposes. That’s what he was communicating with the open collar. No fuddy duddy tie here. That’s for back in Washington, you know, the Washington he’s never really be been a part of…and never mind that he is always one of the Sunday talk shows’ easiest “gets”.

Nope. Right now he’s running for his political life against one of those extremist radio talk show hosts who serve as the mind of Republicans wherever they spew their hatefulness.

J.D. Hayworth is scaring the bejesus out of McCain. The former Congressman is close to toppling the Washington legend Senator McCain denies being, making points with his self-description as the “consistent conservative”. That, obviously, is opposed to the inconsistent John McCain who bedevils so many on the right fringe with his erratic side trips into accommodation with the enemy. There are no adversaries anymore just blood enemies.

So McCain was wearing something else on Friday night in Tucson…not just his wonderful wife Cindy, who was sporting her usual immovable smile. There was someone else draped around his event.

Yes, there she was, Sarah Palin, who was actually wearing McCain because he is wearing thin among her hordes of followers.

She too brought her dutiful spouse as a prop. She and Todd took included this stop to spout homage to the man who introduced her and the Palin family soap opera to the world where she has flourished into the Tea Party Goddess.

One couldn’t help but wonder whether her winks were just the usual affectation or were they, this night, aimed at her followers, as she paid lip service to the guy who brung her to the prom.

Since then, she has become the Godmother of Tea Party soul. She holds the movement in the palm of her hands, the same place she keeps her talking points. She has become the symbol of mindlessness over matter. McCain needed her

So there she was. In a way, it was kind of sad to see someone shoved aside by his former protege. But that’s what we witnessed at the John McCain-Sarah Palin trip down Memory Lane. It was such a short time ago that he was the one in charge. Now she is the one who dominates. Which possibly explains why she was wearing leather.

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