Bob Franken

Our Bad

“Sorry guys,

We apologize”

“Sorry”. By now we’re sorry we ever heard the word. From Tiger, to Toyota to even DC City Councilman, former Mayor and non-stop delinquent Marion Barry, they’re all “sorry”

After rigidly controlling its corporate and product reputation for decades, Toyota is suddenly as out of control as their deadly cars. But now the lid has been wrenched off of their Pandora’s box which is spewing vile revelations…the kind that cause many to believe the company values profits over human life

Merrily we bounce from one sad spectacle to another. The Toyota mystique has been so badly shattered the supreme leader has been forced out of the fortress in Japan, where apologizing is an ancient practice, to come to the United States and express his regrets to a snarling Congress. It’s a last gasp effort to salvage the wreckage.

As for Barry, he continues to live down to his reputation. He’s in more trouble for using government money to finance a girlfriend. A “mistake” he admits, but the authorities are once again investigating whether he broke the law. The man has spent so much of his adult (using the term loosely) life tip-toeing precariously close to more prison time. Think of it as government financed rehab.

At least all of this has finally taken our eye off the Tiger. So he can go back to his own rehab…personal and/or image, and we can decide whether he’s sincere. Or whether we care, in light of all the other shameful stuff.

Yeah right.

They’ so contrite.

No they’re not.

They just got caught.

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