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In the final moments before the midterm elections (thank heaven), even though he’s not officially on any ballots, President Donald Trump is right where he constantly wants to be, which is to say hogging the center of attention.
Say whatever you want about the economy, pre-existing conditions, all that substantive folderol — it’s Trump, Trump, Trump, just like it always is. He’s even more out there than usual, spreading his poison at wall-to-wall rallies. They are announced as campaign events in support of various Republican candidates, but that’s a ruse. In fact, to use a redundancy for emphasis, it’s a fake ruse.
It’s obviously all about him and what he’s contriving as he uses the powers he holds as campaign playthings. He’s been hosting a nonstop October surprise party.
But there’s still time for some November surprises, perhaps ways that he can expand on his efforts to incite his passionate base to turn out on Election Day.

While he has already promised to send 15,000 active-duty troops to our southern border to prevent that highly trained “invasion” force of women, children, seniors and a few good men from overwhelming our borders and pillaging our country, there’s more that he could do. Don’t be surprised if he orders the entire United States missile component to make quickie adjustments, so that every piece of nuclear hardware can be aimed at the border. You don’t mess with the U.S. of A., although he also could enlist his buddies Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin to join him by recalibrating their own stockpiles of world annihilation. As for the border tent city where he’ll imprison these menacing interlopers, he can appoint another old friend to run it: Who else but Joe Arpaio, who was convicted in connection with his abuse of immigrants. President Trump pardoned him. Of course he did, he’s Trump’s kind of criminal.
At the same time, he is promising an executive order that would eliminate the 14th Amendment’s “birthright” citizenship, you know, that thingy that reads “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”
If he’s going to ignore part of the Constitution, why not just get rid of the whole thing? Let’s face it — he’s constantly being bugged by its limitations, so he can eliminate them in one fell swoop. Some of the moderates in the Republican Party, both of them, argue that he only needs to suspend the Constitution, but he’d probably consider that too wimpy. Why not just blow it away all at once?
Think of the advantages to him and his base: Gone would be the First Amendment, with its promises of a free press. Going forward he can simply round up and jail all those troublesome media people. Or maybe he can arrange for his Saudi accomplices to do it.
Also scrapped would be the 16th Amendment, the one that allows a federal income tax. That way he’d be delivering on his pledge to cut more taxes. What better tactic to cut them than to wipe them out?
Back to Putin, who has served as a Trump mentor, his mentee’s elimination of the Constitution would allow for the elimination of the Robert Mueller investigation into collusion between these two. Due process? What due process? Just blot out Mueller and his whole special prosecutor gang. While he’s at it, he could take heed of his followers’ chanting and actually lock up Hillary Clinton. For that matter, he can detain all those who have dared to challenge him. Imagine the fight as various prison wardens competed for Stormy Daniels.
By following this path, he certainly will whip up his zealots and get them out to vote for the senators and House candidates he favors. Of course, it wouldn’t matter because there’d be no Congress to impeach him. Nor would there be a Supreme Court to continue a haven for sex offenders. He could run for re-election in 2020 without opposition. Oh wait, there wouldn’t be an election. His absolute ruler dream would be realized.

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