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Note to self: Never move to Rome, Georgia, or Dalton, Georgia — or Calhoun, for that matter. They’re all in the state’s 14th congressional district. The voters there have sent Marjorie Taylor Greene to the United States House of Representatives, where she’s been a menace from the moment she arrived.
Not that it’s any surprise, mind you. The people of northwest Georgia in the 14th congressional district chose her in spite of the fact that she has been a conspicuous extremist on the fringe of the fringe since she burst on scene in Rome. Greene moved there from the Atlanta suburbs and spent Daddy’s money to get herself elected.
Perhaps it’s because she is so dangerously loopy that she was voted in. After all, she made no secret of the fact that she was a total wack job. How would you like most of your neighbors to embrace “Q” — a shadowy figure who has accused Democrats of being blood-drinking child molesters — and to vote for a candidate who calls for the execution of key Democrats? She also presented herself as a gun-toting extremist who has described school mass shootings as fraudulent, “false flag” operations. The majority of the voters in northwest Georgia supported her, and did so by comfortable margins, which explains why I would rather be homeless most places than have a mansion in Rome, Dalton or Calhoun. Or the rural areas in between.
But wait. Once the sophisticated Republican cynics who lead the party from Washington discovered she was a shoo-in for election, they switched from calling her “appalling” to embracing her as a force in the GOP. After all, she was endorsed by Donald Trump as a “future Republican star” once she won her nomination battle.And she has proven him right — far right, actually.
Oh there are a few GOPs, like Mitch McConnell, of all people, who decry her “loony lies and conspiracy theories” as a “cancer” on the the party, but for the most part, his fellow Republicans just metastasize, keeping their embarrassments to themselves.
She is certainly a star as Trump says, with her violent rhetorical beginning in D.C. she has been dropping verbal bombshells each time there was a chance for news coverage — excuse me, fake news. She has adopted the language and support of Donald Trump, which means Republican leadership, other than McConnell, has a balancing act with their unbalanced rookie member who won’t stop mortifying them with her unhinged spew of sound bites. In fact, they have named her to a choice committee assignment, a seat on the House Committee on Education and Labor.

Democrats are appalled, naturally. They are demanding that Greene be removed from the committee — or even removed from Congress.
And that’s a problem, unless they can prove that she cooperated in a crime, like conspiring to help organize the Jan. 6 deadly invasion of the Capitol building by extremists. But it cannot be because they find her so objectionable, that her outspokenness is so offensive to them, that she should be ejected from the House of Representatives.
As loathsome as their views may be, as deplorable as their candidates, the voters of northwest Georgia’s House district 14 did select Marjorie Taylor Greene as their congressperson.
The electorate has spoken, just as the Democrats argue that the citizens of the entire state spoke in electing Joe Biden president and rejecting Donald Trump. And choosing both Democratic senatorial candidates in the runoff election, which wrested control from the Republicans and gave the Democrats a Senate majority.
In other words, unless Congressperson Greene can be charged and convicted of a crime, or found to have violated some House rule worthy of ejection, we are stuck with her. “GOP” used to stand for Grand Old Party. Now it means Grand Old Panderers.
Maybe they can relocate from Washington to Rome … Rome, Georgia, that is, as the party’s base seems to be shrinking to those who elected Marjorie Taylor Greene and other dangerous scatterbrains.

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