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       There are three months till the conventions and the two parties have their nominees, so whatever will we talk about between now and then?
       Let’s agree that there is someone we won’t talk about for a while. You got it: The time has come to declare a moratorium on Donald Trump.
       It shouldn’t be that hard to do. There’s really nothing to talk about. But somehow, The Donald always manages to take his bottom-feeding to the top of the agenda. It’s time to cut off his blood supply of undeserved PR.
       When he’s not writing pretentious pieces about baseball, which often are slower-moving than the game itself, George Will usually muses about politics from the ultraconservative point of view. But in this case, not only is he right, as in “wing,” but he’s also right as in “correct” when he calls Trump a “bloviating ignoramus.” The real point, though, is the fact that Will and the rest of us pay any attention to Trump whatsoever. Instead, George should stick to bloviating about baseball. The best way we can all stick it to Trump is by ignoring him.
       How idiotic that we have indulged the Birther rants of a creature like him, who probably should have to prove where he was spawned. The day before Trump and Mitt Romney appeared together at a Las Vegas fundraiser, he justified his lowest-common-denominator ranting by insisting to CNBC: “I’ve been known as a very smart guy for a long time. I don’t consider myself ‘Birther’ or ‘not Birther.’ But there are some major questions here.” Here’s a clue into the guy’s mindset: He doesn’t have one. A law of nature is, “If someone feels it’s necessary to say he is ‘very smart,’ he isn’t.”

       Perhaps it’s appropriate that Romney is hanging out with him, considering how many of Romney’s operatives also are cheap-shot artists. Their ad campaign is anything but cheap; distortions like the ones they’re spewing can cost a ton of money.
       But the manipulators have all they need. There are lots of gazillionaires out there who want to make sure their golden goose isn’t killed by anything resembling fairness. So they have encouraged the formation of a cottage industry that does their dirty work.
       Already we are inundated by ads blaming Barack Obama for all manner of disasters — particularly the economic one — handily ignoring, of course, that the battering of our nation actually started with the Republican  administration that preceded the current Democratic one.
       The super-rich believe they must do whatever it takes to maintain their stranglehold. Their distortion should give us plenty to talk about till the conventions. And given that their nominee-puppet is Mitt Romney, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if his buddies at Bain Capital simply bought the Democrats’ gathering and got rid of all the union members there before shutting it down.
       Come to think of it, that’s not too far from what GOP governors like Scott Walker have tried to do. Walker, of course, will find out shortly whether he will be recalled because he overreached when he tried to gut the public-employee unions. If the polls are any indication, he will survive the recall election, due in no small measure to the millions the corporatists who have flooded into the state in their anti-labor zeal, which matches their anti-tax zeal.
       So fear not, fellow commentators; there will be plenty to bloviate about in the three months till the big blowouts. Now that we know the top players, President Obama got the ball rolling in a nice way by calling challenger Romney to congratulate him. The two had what was described as a “brief but cordial” conversation.
       The brief synopsis of what they’ll be saying from now on to each other probably can be summed up in two words. No longer will those words be “Donald Trump.” Not here, anyway.
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