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Glen, Newt and Rush. The Careless Who Couldn’t Care Less


As a public service, Politics Daily will now provide definitions of a few of the words we are hearing in political debate.

1) Someone who harbors hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.
2) A word increasingly used by racists and/or those who want to inflame them. Example: TV crazy Glenn Beck, radio gasbag Rush Limbaugh, and political self-promoter Newt Gingrich.

1) A person of Latin-American or of non-European Spanish-speaking descent.
2) A term a Supreme Court nominee might regret when used with the words “wise” and “woman.”
3) A flimsy excuse for opposing a nominee’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.
3a) Pretext for TV shouting.
4) No excuse for careless use of the word “racist.” (See above.)

1) Characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless. As in “acted stupidly” or “spoke stupidly.”
2) An expression that precedes an invitation to come over and have a beer.
3) A term that will distract and knock someone off-message.
3a) An impediment to health care reform.
4) A word to be avoided in the future.
5) Still another pretext to pander by calling someone on the other side a “racist.”

1) Pretentious inflated speech or writing.
2) Language commonly used by politicians and commentators desperately trying to get attention. Particularly effective in expressions of 140 letters or less.
3) Another word for “bull—-.”

1) Said or done with no sense of consequences.
2) Description of those who have no regard for the danger of inflammatory language because they don’t care about anything but ratings or shoring up their base.
3) Cynical misuse of the word “racist.”

1) A word that speaks for itself.

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