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The normally low-key Tony Fauci is complaining loudly that the thieves in the Trump campaign have stolen his credibility for a TV spot and
taken his seeming words of praise for President Donald Trump “out of context.”
And that leads to my latest brilliant idea: Let’s make Dr. Fauci the national spokesman to explain all things pandemic.
To say President Trump has damaged his own reputation for veracity is a gross understatement. That’s because Trump is a lying sack of tweets. Everyone around him is also infected with an inability to tell the whole truth. Maybe it’s partly because so many of them are infected by the coronavirus.
That number would include Kayleigh McEnany and the “dissembly” of other Trump press secretaries, and certainly the medical providers he has relied on through much of his life. There was the now famous podiatrist who diagnosed bone spurs in young Donald’s feet, which just so happened to get him out of serving in the Vietnam War. Then there was the Trump personal physician who wrote, “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” He later admitted Trump dictated the entire letter.
Trump has found similar doctors of deception in the White House. One said the president was “in excellent health” after his first physical, even though he is obese. And then there is the current one, Dr. Sean Conley, whose briefings about POTUS’ COVID condition were and are selective and incomplete. He glossed over so many important facts that we don’t really have any idea whether it’s safe for Trump to resume a heavy schedule of campaign rallies, — safe for him or for the people who will be packed together, most of them without masks, screaming their hatreds out at the top of their perhaps infected lungs.

I It was a much more polite White House party just a couple of weeks ago to introduce Supreme Court justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett, after which several in attendance started dropping like COVID-infected flies, including Trump. It caused Dr. Fauci to label it a “superspreader” event, which did not endear him to President Trump. It’s generally correct that the truth hurts this president. Maybe that’s why Trump and Tony Fauci aren’t speaking anymore.
So let me offer the arguments for Dr. Fauci taking over as spokesman for all things pandemic. It’s really very simple: Fauci is a world-famous immunologist. In fact, he has headed the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for decades, so he knows what he’s talking about. Secondly he demonstrated long ago that when there’s a crisis, he speaks in plain English. No medical jargon with him. Lastly, he has a deserved reputation for being honest, and a majority of Americans view him as being trustworthy. But that makes him unacceptable to Trump, who lives in a fantasy world
Fauci would not be guided by a dunderhead chief executive who lies about everything because he can — and because he doesn’t understand the concept of being a public figure with responsibility to share with his citizens normally private information, like his health details and his tax information. Nor can he tolerate prying reporters bent on exposing whatever he tries to hide. On that point, he can call journalists “enemies of the people” all he wants, and belittle any unfavorable story as “fake news.” But he has misled the country long enough for most sane people to conclude that he lies about everything and forces those around him to get in that sewer with him, forever slimed by this president.
By the way, I ran my brilliant idea past Tony Fauci. In an email, he brusquely responded: “I do not feel I can comment on this.” Can’t say that I blame him.

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