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Let’s give a little credit to President Donald Trump: He’s not a plagiarizer. His wife has been known to lift a few passages, but that’s not his thing.
Actually, Twitter has retweeting, so plagiarism is not necessary. You can steal ideas without raising a sweat. Sometimes Trump’s most despicable stuff comes from others, like the doctored picture of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer photoshopped in a hijab and turban standing before a morphed Iranian flag. In this case, the Trumpster was borrowing the work from one of his Islamophobe supporters, but it could just as easily have been from one of his white supremacy backers.
Actually, when it comes to white supremacy, you don’t have to be an “Ever Trumper,” nor even a fan of his. Look no further than the Oscar nominees if you want to see a left-leaning group that’s almost lily white. Or look at the most recent political debate, which by the way was the Democratic presidential debate, you know the Democratic organization, that sanctimoniously bills itself as the party of diversity. The Democrats managed to stage a debate that looked like a loaf of Wonder Bread. Is there not anyone of color who can capture America’s interest, or is America’s interest overridden by bigotry, some of it subtle?

Maybe that’s why I watched “Jeopardy!” instead of the debate. Oh wait, that was also a competition for the “Greatest of All Time” champion among three guys who were of the Caucasian persuasion. At least that show, while not colorful, was way more entertaining. The only fireworks that happened during the Dem debate happened afterward. It’s fair to say that the Democrats have a big problem. Unless they can come up with a compelling candidate, they too will be in jeopardy, and maybe we all will be when Donald Trump wins the next election and rules the world as he sees fit. That is, unless he divvies it up with his authoritarian buddies.
Whether he and they act on their outrageous, hateful and dangerous calculations or follow their mindless impulses — which is mostthe time — they are backed by desperate sycophants who eagerly get away with rationalizing his comments and actions, often in irrational ways. Sen. Lindsey Graham, who has emerged as Donald Trump’s chief groupie, a regular Trumphead, is always there to justify whatever his buddy does. President Trump’s entire coterie of hired hands is also always at the ready to explain away his latest nastiness or verbal blunder.
It used to be that Kellyanne Conway was the ‘splainer in chief, with her “alternative facts” construct going down in history. But now the anti-press secretary Stephanie Grisham is emerging. After her boss retweeted the doctored picture of Schumer and Pelosi in turban and hijab, she explained on Fox News, “I think the president was making a point that the Democrats hate him so much that they are willing to be on the side of countries and leadership of countries who want to kill Americans.”
The demagoguery was a response to questions about the timing of Trump’s order to assassinate Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, who was responsible for decades of attacks that left hundreds of Americans dead. Even though Trump’s critics made it a point to describe Soleimani as a despicable guy, they skeptically asked, “Why now?” what with the Trumpster being impeached. The answers changed with every utterance by POTUS and his potettes. He and his sycophantic chorus attacked his adversaries as un-American for daring to challenge him. One of his zealots, Rep. Doug Collins, Republican of Georgia, even accused Democrats of being “in love with terrorists.”
Now the president’s adversaries have navigated the twists and turns of the Capitol and walked the impeachment charges over from the House side to the Senate chamber for trial. Neverthesss, the intrigue will soon be over and Trump will almost certainly stay on as president, through the election. And beyond, unless Democrats can choose a candidate who can counter Trump and his fresh material, which is always a surprise.

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