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“We know they are something; we just don’t know what they are.” How’s that for a hard-hitting report from the feds?
Later in the month, the Pentagon will issue just such a multiagency intelligence analysis in which they will have thoroughly examined the video and audio footage from what amount to military jet pilot body cameras. In these, pilots react to unexplained blobs officially referred to as unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs, or UFOs, unidentified flying objects.
Over the decades we have had a fascination with beings visiting from other planets and scouting Earth using technology that can’t be believed. And why not?
But perhaps they are from closer to home … highly classified U.S. or enemy experiments using hypersonic aircraft. President Vladimir Putin even publicly bragged that Russia has developed hypersonic jets, which could be faster than missiles or missile defenses, and invisible to radar.

That’s one explanation. But this federal study won’t tell us much more than what we learned in the past from grocery store tabloids that, for decades, featured nearly every world celebrity and leader next to space creatures. In Putin’s case, many have noticed an uncanny, separated-at-birth resemblance, from some far off galaxy.
Speaking of Putin, what has he been ordering Donald Trump to do these days? For all we know, Trump had been holed up at Mar-a-Lago, also known as the real Area 51. Now he has emerged, giving us a reminder of how he alienated so many millions of Americans that he lost his campaign. Recently, he spoke to a few hundred faithful, repeating with no proof whatsoever that didn’t lose. His insistence that Joe Biden had stolen the election mimicked his incitement of the mobs to conduct their Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol:
“The evidence is too voluminous to even mention,” he told a roaring crowd at a Republican dinner in Greenville, North Carolina. “I’m not the one trying to undermine democracy. I’m the one trying to save it.”
From both sides comes the complaint that those of us who peddle fake news continue to be preoccupied with Trump. That we should be forward-looking and not so concerned with the immediate past. One of my favorite complaints that I’ve gotten is that “Trump has been living rent free in your head.”
There is plenty of space, that’s for sure. But why is it that the media spend so much time on Trump? He is yesterday’s news, and we usually live in the moment. First of all, we need to write and talk about something or someone; but Joe Biden doing his job is not really compelling. So we are desperate.
President Biden’s methodical repair of so much damage of the pandemic, is just not as adrenaline pumping as Trump and his stumblebums wreaking such wreckage from Covid, when it could have been contained if our leader at the time was not so in over his head.
But how many “OK, we’re recovering, so now what?” stories can we do? Let’s face it, we’ve reached so low that we are rummaging through Tony Fauci’s emails from that period, and the hard right is trying to make an issue of them when there really isn’t one.
Other than that, it’s the same-old-same-old: Mike Flynn promoting another coup d’etat, or Congress not doing its job. I mean, how humdrum is that?
If other beings are turning the tables on us to “boldly go where no one has gone before,” and their flying saucers stopped flitting around and settled on the Senate as it was negotiating the infrastructure, they’d soon scoot off. Too boring.

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